What To Pack For Goa

Goa demands a slightly different set of clothes and accessories. Here is a list of “what to carry and what to ditch”.

It makes better sense to travel light and have more backpacks and less suitcases when  travelling to Goa. Even your little ones can carry lighter stuff in their tiny backpacks. Don’t worry about ruining the iron of your cotton clothes we provide iron box in our apartments.

Carry more backpacks and less suitcases when travelling to Goa
Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi on Pexels.com

Goa has tropical climate and casual chilled out attitude. Hence, it is easy to pack light for Goa as you do not need to carry any formal or woolen clothes or shoes.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right things to pack.

1. Choice of Clothes 

Cotton Shorts are the best thing to wear in Goa
Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

The temperature in Goa varies from 25° to 30° and it rains heavily from June to September. This makes cotton shorts, skirts and dresses the best choice of clothes here. Goans don’t mind your legs showing, so for hot, breezy places like beaches and forts- shorts with any top is a good choice.

But while visiting some places like churches etc, the locals expect you to cover yourself from your neck to at least your knees. Pairing capris with tops other than crop tops and noodle strap tops, will do for such destinations.

For the evenings, carry some pretty dresses. Some night clubs like LPK want you to dress up, so no shorts and slippers are allowed here, for men or women.

Bathing suits are compulsory to use swimming pools
Photo by Yulianto Poitier on Pexels.com

Another important piece of clothing to carry are bathing suits, doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. It is compulsory to wear one if you are using the swimming pool and is also recommended for the beach. But men, pleeeese understand, your underwear does not qualify for a bathing suit. Please don’t be found walking around publicly in your Lux Cozi.

If you are travelling with kids, please pack their inflatable floats also.


2. Choice of Footwear

Because Goa is hot and because you will be visiting a lot of places involving water- floaters, cros and cute slippers make practical footwear for Goa. Pack your sports shoes also if you are planning any adventure activity here.

Cute slippers are very practical for Goa
Photo by david ortega on Pexels.com

If you are planning for some place other than the beach, in the evening, girls can also pack a pair of classy but comfortable heels. Walking on the beach in heels is difficult as they sink in the sand.

3. Choice of Accessories

Sunglasses and hats are a must for the bright sunny days here. Please carry caps to protect your little ones’ heads and eyes from the sun.

Do carry hats and sunglasses to protect you from the sun
Photo by Adam Kontor on Pexels.com

Makeup should be light and strictly waterproof as you are going to sweat in this humid weather and nothing looks funnier than running eye make up.

An umbrella can protect you from the sun as well as the rain. If you are travelling during monsoon, that is from June to September, carrying a light raincoat is recommended, specially if you are planning to hire a two-wheeler here.


We provide soaps, shampoos and toilet paper in our apartments. Please carry other toiletries as per your preference of brand.

5. Linen

We provide bed sheets, comforters and bath towels. But please do not carry our towels to the beach, the sand ruins them. Please carry some towels to take to the beach.

6. Other Things

A few other things that smart tourists should carry –

  1. Folding Reusable Bags– Please avoid using plastic bags in Goa, they are choking our beaches and our marine life. Instead, please carry reusable folding bags with you to carry your shopping or other things like wet clothes. They will also be useful for you to carry all your shopping home from Goa and you will not need to hurriedly buy extra luggage.
Do carry folding reusable cloth bags
Photo by Stephanie Ho on Pexels.com

2. Small Water Bottle– Please also bring a small water bottle to carry for the whole day, you can fill it up in any restaurant or tourist spot that you visit. This will reduce the plastic burden of Goa a lot.

3. Engagements for your kids–  Your kids favorite toy, books and other things that can keep them engaged while you enjoy live music or a dance with your partner at a restaurant or the peaceful soothing view from a fort. My little one loves digging and carrying her treasure of shells and stones home. So my visits to places with non-concrete floors like beach shacks, forts etc. are far more peaceful, but for other places I carry her small Doodle Pro in my purse.

That pretty much sums up the list for me but there can be other person-specific things like medicines,  home made snacks etc. Go ahead and add them to your list.

If you do not have any one or more things in this list, don’t worry, Goa has enough and more shopping options.

To Sum Up

They say – Well begun is half done. And rightly so. If you gather information, plan a little and then pack, your holiday will not only be stress free, you will also be able to enjoy more. So give it at least an hour, plan, discuss with the others, make a list and then pack. I am sure you will not have any last moment panic :-).

Was this post helpful? Is there anything else you would like to know? Let me know in the comments section below. Also, do like and share with your family and friends.

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Till then – Dream, Explore and be Amazed!!!




Author: Komal Bera

Spending every alternate year in Goa helps me explore like a tourist as well as gather information like a local. In three words, all I do is- dream, explore and be amazed. The longer form of my experiences in Goa, is this blog. Hope you find it useful :-)

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