Fun Holidays Goa has three apartments- two in a resort barely 750 meters from Calangute beach (details about Calangute apartments) and one in a resort barely 2 km from Baga beach, in Arpora (details about Arpora apartment). Following are the facilities that you get in our apartments-

  1. Cooking Facility– Every apartment has a kitchenette where you can fix small meals for kids, for sudden hunger pangs or for special diets.
  2. Extra space– It is a whole apartment and not just a tiny hotel room.
  3. Cost effective– Vacation rentals come at the same cost (if not cheaper) than hotels.
  4. Comfort– You get all the facilities that you have at home to make your holiday comfortable- multiple rooms, microwave, kitchen, utensils etc.
  5. Best of both worlds– With us you get the best of both worlds. You also get free access to the facilities of the resort we are in .



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