8 Museums Of Goa That Will Amaze You

Do you know about the interesting (sometimes not so pleasant) history of Goa or the fact that Goa is also home to the Naval Aviation Command of the Indian Navy or about the science museum and planetarium in Goa? Here is a list of 8 interesting museums and heritage houses of Goa that tell you about  the state, its history, its culture and its uniqueness like no one else does. Here is a link to this list on google maps

1. Museum Of Goa, Pilerne, Bardez

A museum of contemporary art, barely 6 km from Fun Holidays Goa- Calangute and 8 km from Fun Holidays Goa- Arpora, this three-storied museum has colourful exhibits, paintings, photographs and other forms of interesting contemporary art. I was specially intrigued by his collection on Mahatma Gandhi, on the third floor.

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10 Things-To-Do In Goa, You Just Can’t Miss

Though Goa is the smallest state, it is the favorite destination of a large percentage of international and domestic tourists of India.

What makes Goa unique and attractive for holidaymakers?

The biggest reason is the easy going attitude of Goa. No one is in a hurry, no one minds what you wear or do and they all love music, dance and partying. Getting smiles from strangers is not uncommon here, at the same time being checked by a stranger for not following civic rules (like walking on the road instead of the footpath or littering) is also not uncommon.

Goa offers a unique potpourri of rich ancient and medieval history, beautiful beaches, lip smacking uncommon dishes, vibrant wild and marine life and happening party and shopping destinations.

Here is a list of top 10 tourist attractions in Goa.

In this list of “what to do in Goa”, I have divided the must-visit places into categories and explained each category in detail.  Also provided are google map lists of best places to go for each category.

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6 Most Famous Churches of Goa

Imagine Goa and you will see either the beaches or its churches. Goa is defined by its churches.

The Goan population is 25% Christian. Though there are some proofs of Christianity in Goa before the Portuguese came here but building grand churches and Christian practices started only after the Portuguese conquest of Goa in 1510 AD. Majority of the then, Hindu population of Goa was converted by the Portuguese.

The Portuguese are gone, but the majestic churches remain and are still functional. Apart from the interesting (sometimes not so pleasant) history of Goa, you will also be fascinated by the art and architecture of the renaissance period displayed in the churches.

Here is list of the most famous churches of Goa. Click here for a link to this list on Google Maps.

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