5 Tips And A Sample Itinerary For A Short Trip To North Goa

Goa offers a wide variety of experiences. You can choose what you want to do based upon your interests. But so many choices can also leave you overwhelmed and confused, specially if you want the best experiences in a limited number of days.

Here are my top 5 tips on how to plan a short trip to Goa.

  1. Goa has hot and humid weather so it is better to plan your afternoons (12 noon to about 4 pm) at a covered place like a church or a museum rather than the beach or an open fort.
  2. The sea is towards the west of Goa so sunsets are a sight to behold. It is better to be at the beach or a sundowner restaurant or a breezy fort with water view during the sunset to enjoy its beauty.
  3. Goa has great nightlife, so it is better not to plan your days from early in the morning as it will get quite hectic after a late night.
  4. Goa has narrow roads. Hired Two wheeler are the best way to travel here. If you are travelling with kids or old people, it is better to hire a car.
  5. Travel light– It will be easier for you to move around even on the day of you check-in or Check-out. Because of the hot weather and casual attitude of Goa, small light clothes are good enough. To know more about what to pack for Goa please click here.

Here is a sample itinerary for North Goa so that you are at the right place at the right time without a lot of running around. It also has tips on how to plan attractions in the same area to be visited on the same day to avoid a lot of travelling .

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